Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Corrugated Cardboard Embellishments

Hi Everyone!! I wanted to share with you all today a super easy way to make your own corrugated cardboard embellishments! :D I figured this out a couple years ago on accident and am so happy I did! :D

We all get drinks from Starbucks at one point or another right? Well next time you are there grab a few extra of the cup sleeves cause that is what you need to make these! (The staff at Starbucks may look at you like you are slightly nutty but if they knew how awesome and easy it is to use these things in other ways then they would be grabbing them too!) Now all you have to do is just fill your sink like half way or something with water, just enough to give these guys room to 'swim'. :D Doesn't matter if it cold or hot water. Put these guys in, and let them sit. For a long time. After a couple hours you can move them around and if the covers on both sides come off then your cardboard is ready to be taken out! :D It will leave behind the corrugated part, which you then can let air dry on a towel. This is so easy to use because it is sturdy but soft and light and it is thin enough to fit in your punch slots! :D

I found this out by avoiding to do the dishes one day and everything just sat in a bath of water, when I came back I found this awesome corrugated cardboard sheet! :D I hope you guys have as much fun with this stuff as I do!

Here are a couple projects I used these on:

A Happy Holiday Garland!
And close ups:

And a couple simple accents on this page:

and a close up:

I would love to see any projects you have made using your own cardboard embellishments! Be sure to link up in the comments or on the message board! :D

Take care! ~Amy

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Gretchen said...

great idea Amy!! :)