Thursday, May 12, 2011

Documenting World Events

I typically am not an event scrapper, more of what I would call a moments/emotion scrapper.

However, obviously, events are important to be documented! I am a big believer of everyone having a story to tell, and even if it's an event that a lot of people have experienced, you have a unique perspective!

I felt like I needed to document the day that all the tornadoes came through our state. April 27th.

It's one of those things your grandkids will want to know... your part in the big picture.
(An aside- I felt very Gretchen-like making this page. Something about the straight lines, the heart, the colors, that black and white striped paper in a small strip... I love that we all have our distinct styles! My fellow design team members and our message board members always inspire me!)
I thought it was really cool that the Jump and Jive kit had these chipboard accents, and that there was one that had "27" on it. It was a perfect accent. The "april" sticker was cut off of one of the border strips from Cosmo Cricket that was in the kit as well.
I whipped out my date stamp from the Office Party kit.

If you don't have pictures of an event, or the ones that tell your story, you can always go to the internet! I had originally seen these photos from an amazing set that the Boston Globe did of the tornado damage. The one on the bottom broke my heart. I made sure to make a note on there from where the photos came.

I feel like I have more stories to share about the tornadoes and their aftermath. I don't know how I'll record those; perhaps just in a journal... but I am glad I have this page documented, because it is certainly a day I will never forget.

Created with the Jump and Jive kit.


Gretchen said...

this is fabulous Virg!

mollydianeh said...

"..the Boston Globe" caught my eye and made me go back and look closer!(I'm orig. from Boston) What a vibrant and strong lay out, tinged with such sadness. I have posted several of the photos of the tornado that hit us in Georgia. NEVER have I seen such distruction, right NEXT to the dainty and untouched landscape! Yet I see, all too well that you folks in AL had it much worse. You always make the best of everything in your LOs, in your journaling, etc. I have learned many things from you over the years, you and Gretchen! Thanks! (if you want to check out my blogspot it's!)

mollydianeh said...

p.s. the photos of the tornado that hit us in Ga ...(forgot to mention...eyes rolling) are ON my blog. Thanks...again. (sheepish grin)