Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dear Santa...

The years when my kids wanted to sit on Santa's lap have come and gone {insert sad face here}, but something interesting happened right before thanksgiving...we saw Santa at In-n-Out right late one Friday night after a football playoff game. THE very Santa that my kids told what they wanted for Christmas so many years ago. So, when I ran across these photos of my kids sitting on his lap, well, I had to tell the story of our meeting with the off-duty Santa.

The journaling reads: Seven years ago my kids were right there sitting on your lap telling you what they want for Christmas. Today, just days before you begin another season of being Santa I meet you at In-n-Out (you have good taste) and learn you are just as kind out of costume, are recognized all over the U.S. by those that have sat on your lap and you are about to publish a book about your 40 year career playing Santa!

He really was one of the best Santa's that we had while the kids were growing up so it was fun to meet the man behind the beard (well, it was real but you know what I mean)!

Every thing used to create this layout is from the Glad Tidings kit, except for the twine on the banner which is from the Student Council kit. The Glad Tidings kit is sold out now, but if you missed out you can pick up a Glad Tidings paper only kit, which is pretty amazing too. Seriously, amazing colors and prints...you won't be disappointed!

What kind of stories will you be telling with your Glad Tidings kit? I can't wait to see...post them in the forum!

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Melanie said...

What a fun story, Diane. Finding a special Santa always makes the seasone more merry :)