Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Snowman Magnet (with free Silhouette files!)

I saw this on Pinterest a while back, and while she made hers into pins to wear, I wanted to do some little magnets for our fridge! 

I did a test run with my Mom's Day Out class earlier this week and just loved the results. I had the kiddos help draw the little faces and glue on the pieces. It was a simple craft they could do but it ended up looking really cute.

The trick with these is to use glue dots! It makes it fast, easy, and clean! 

Stickles add a little dimension and sparkle. 

And look how cute he is when he is lit up! 

I made some Silhouette template files for this, however, I have no idea how to share them on here for you to use. If you would like the files for cutting out the face, hat, and scarf for the tealight snowman, just send me an email at and I will send it to you! :) 

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Melanie said...

Cute, Virginia! It would be fun to have a red light and make them into a reindeer, too :)