Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sparring with Sparrow

I must say, I'm so glad that the concept of Project Life came along way before our first Disney trip, so that I had the freedom to have photos that are simply in sleeves, but still be able to mix in my full, 12 x 12 layouts in with them. If my photos were in a regular photo album- I wouldn't be able to do that. Nor would I be able to scrapbook all fifteen bazillion pictures from the trip (give or take). 

I've decided to include in our trip album, layouts highlighting those special, magical moments that need a little more emphasis. One of these moments was when my son was selected by THE Captain Jack Sparrow to complete pirate training... and then sword fight with him. It was so awesome that I myself may have been jumping up and down and clapping. 

While on first glance, October's Union Square kit may be primarily "autumn" themed, it really worked well with these masculine and rustic photos. My Silhouette machine helped make some custom pirate accents that really make this page special. 

I tried to do a few nods towards nautical themes as well, with the banner and sparrow (get it? get it?!), that aren't as in your face as the Jolly Roger and other pirate themed accents. 

The gold glitter tape gave the "Yo Ho Ho" accent an extra pop behind the cut outs.

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