Saturday, December 13, 2014

Passing the love along

Hi friends! I'm going to be really quick today because today is a fun day for me and my biggest girl. She and I will be participating in a day long craft day that is organized by our church. The organization behind it is called Created for a Purpose, and today is the Christmas version of their summer crafting camp.

Since I'm the adult in charge of her group, I got the awesome opportunity to do my crafts last night. And guess what? I brought along my Noel Mignon Cable Knit kit and whipped it out when the director said that we'd be making canvases with scrapbook paper. Perfect timing!

SOOO, here's what I'll be making today with a group of 3rd graders. You've probably seen versions of it on Pinterest.

We chose to keep the background simple--just a single layer of acrylic paint--so that we wouldn't be waiting forever for gesso, paint, etc. to dry.  Then we stacked 1" strips of patterned paper in the shape of a Christmas tree, and added other shapes as presents to the bottom. Last up, we embellished the tree and gifts. Pretty simple, a lot of fun. And best of all I get to help pass along the love of crafting to a group of young girls. It's fantastic! And for the record, they'll also be making burlap Christmas ornaments, and white chocolate peppermint bark. So much fun!

Hope your day is as fun as mine is going to be!!

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