Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Memories!

Heellllllooooooo!!! So today I wanted to show you what I have so far in my December Memories album. I was doing pretty good for four whole days, and am falling behind now. Life. But tonight I am catching back up and will post more of my album later on in the month.

 I made this chalkboard a while back and have been doing a new design for each season so far this year. LOVE IT! Usually I print and trace on my designs, but this one, I am proud to say, is entirely free-hand. It's definitely not perfect, but I'm learning!

Usually, I have a wreathe for the season hanging on the hook at the top, but I decided to switch things up for December and hang my December Memories on it.

 I decided to use the Maggie Holmes flip album and a few of the included pages. The meat of the album is going to be made using a mix of the Cable Knit and all past kits from NoelMignon.com. The kits all coordinate so well, it was an easy choice to make! For the cover, I used my Cameo to cut the 25 out of cardstock and then glued on the sequins. LOVE that little wood snowflake from the Cable Knit Daily Diary kit!

 I am attempting to follow the December Photo A Day list from onestorydown.com and the first day was joy. Of course, I didn't make this decision until late in the day when I was in no mood to actually take a picture, so I made the executive decision to just use the word, if I'd rather tell a story than show a photo. This should make life a little easier. I have been hoarding this 4x6 card from the Tea For Two Daily Diary kit, and it was an obvious choice for Day One. And could those Thickers BE anymore perfect?

 Again with the keeping-it-simple approach. Just a simple number 2 rubon from those adorable Crate Paper rubons in the Maple Creek Kit. And um, day two was supposed to be "hanging" but I um couldn't find anything that worked, so I changed it to "shoes" for day 30. Whatever. It's just a guideline, right?

 Day 3 is "home decor" and I was still working on taking down all of my Fall decor. Thank God my mamala came this weekend and took over all of the Christmas decorating for me, cast and cane and all, poor thing! For this page I grabbed a few little bits and pieces from my stash, and those tab stickers and paper scraps from the Maple Creek kit.

This is another piece I have been hoarding that was perfect for this album. Day 4 is "handwriting" and so I took a picture of the mirror in our bedroom that I wrote out an anniversary card to my hubby on in soap! Yep, that's me. Super corny. And I had some journaling that I wanted to keep private, so I just clipped them together with that beyond adorable arrow clip and slid them inside the envelope.

And that's all from me today! I hope you will post your December memories up over at the Facebook page - we love seeing the kits at work!

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