Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Simplified December Memories Album

Every year, I attempt to make a December Daily album. Some years I succeed, and some years I do not. I've discovered that trying to document every day is not something I'm very good at and I end up grouchy and irritable and overwhelmed... not feelings I want to add into my favorite season! 

My perspective that has helped is to make an album of 25 favorite moments or memories I want to document, and to NOT do them in chronological order (necessarily!). Y'all, this relieves so much pressure for me! 

Here's the opening page of my album. I used a Simple Stories album and the Cable Knit kit. 

I also used some Silhouette files and printables from Wilna Furstenburg.

To add to the cohesion of the album, I used these free number printables

You can see that I didn't add many specific words because I will fit in what I want into each section and numbered memory as I print the photos.

I used a mixture of pocket sizes and am trying to take pictures in different orientations and sizes so when I print, they will all fit in somewhere! I will go in and edit my photos at the end to just make sure.

I love love love to make transparencies a page of their own. I added this one in and I'll either adhere journaling or a photo or both on the back to have it peek through.

I'll share more of my album soon, but I wanted to encourage you with this technique, it's not too late to make your own album for this Christmas! 

One final tip: I made a list of 25 memories I wanted to document this month. I probably won't put them in my album in this exact order. Here's my list in case it helps you! 

1. Decorations
2. Putting the star on the tree
3. Visiting Santa
4. Baking
5. Ballet Recital
6. Xmas Parade
7. Visiting with special friends
8. Caroling
9. MDO Christmas party
10. School class parties
11. Christmas Program at MDO
12. CPC Ladies' Party
13. Sabby's birthday party
14. Home Alone @ the Alabama Theater
15. Fave Christmas STories & MOvies
16. Stockings
17. Wrapping Gifts
18, Kids' Wishlists
19. Advent Art Journal
20. Christmas Party at Grams'
21. Candlelight Service
22. Christmas Eve Excitement
23. Christmas Morning
24. Family Pic
25. Christmas Hymns

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