Friday, January 23, 2015

jobs for hire

No, this isn't a job posting :) I've been needing a new way for my kids to earn money around the house. Lately it seemed like my kids were always asking me what they could do to earn money (even though they knew what jobs they could do around the house). I remembered seeing something on Pinterest that sparked the idea to create this project. 

When I thought about how I wanted to tackle this project I decided to grab a clipboard I had and decorated it with some of the papers from the Hey Girl Classic Kit. 

I used elements from the classic kit and the daily diary kit for this project. 

I found these cute blue clothespins at Michaels which would work perfectly to hold my 'job postings'. I printed out a bunch of the jobs, punched them out, & used one of those cute envelopes to hold them. 

Weed mom's garden...that's definitely a job that I will pay out in the summer months!
The clothespins and envelope are both attached to the clipboard with magnets. At first I was going to glue them to the clipboard but then I worried that my son would 'accidentally' grab at it & rip it off. He was the kid, afterall, that broke the towel bar off the bathroom wall when his towel got 'stuck' and he yanked too hard! 
Boys... :)

Anyway, even though I used magnets that had adhesive on them I still glued the magnets to the board, clothespins, & envelope. I have to confess that I really dislike the magnets that you buy in a roll at the local craft stores because they're not very magnetic but it was all I had. My usual go-to magnets are ones like these (they are seriously super strong) but I was all out. I also added magnets to the back of the clipboard so I could hang this on my fridge. Be sure you use really good adhesive to hang this up...a glue gun probably won't do the job. I like using E6000 for crafts like this because it's super strong.

If you want to see some of the rules I've set up for our new jobs board you can head over to my blog. So far it's working out well and I'm hoping it will continue to encourage my kids that it's a good feeling to earn money for themselves!

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