Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little One (documenting a parent that has passed away)

Holidays and milestones are always hard after losing a loved one. Period. The days that lead up to one of those dates tend to feel like there's a bit of a cloud over your head. This year marks three years since my dad has passed away, and while I've tried several times to scrapbook about him, it's been very few and far between. 

With Father's Day approaching, I thought maybe it was time to document one of my old childhood photos with my dad. It is kind of like going into a little counseling session to bare my memories and dive into looking at them face to face. 

The Happy Go Lucky classic kit matched the bright colors in my old photo perfectly. I don't want my layout to look sad- because as sad as it is to not have him around, many of my memories of him are happy ones. 

I find it VERY helpful to just sit and play with layering while my brain sorts through my old memories and feelings. It helps me to process to have something to occupy my hands. I'm so glad I was able to put down a few of these thoughts on my layout about my dad's nickname for me. 

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