Saturday, January 16, 2016

Snowmageddon 2015

Hello again!

I love the theme for this week! I live in west Texas and while we don't get a LOT of snow every winter we do get some from time to time and when we do, we CELEBRATE!

The funny thing about snow where I live is that it is here for a day or so and then it's usually gone.

We go from 30 degrees one day to 65 the next.

Not this time.

Right after Christmas we got a snowstorm that the weather people named "Goliath," and for our little part of the world, it was a lot of snow. Granted it was only about a foot of snow, but that is more than we've had in about twenty years. We got so much that the town shut down. We live in a place of more than 100,000 that has only two snow plows. Since we got a couple of inches of ice before the snow arrived the roads were a mess. Businesses closed, government leaders told us to stay home unless we absolutely had to go somewhere.

People were calling it "Snowmageddon" and the "snowpocalypse."

We spent many hours trying to clear the snow from our driveway and sidewalk.

It was fun to stay home and relax. The kids built snowmen and forts and threw lots of snowballs at each other. We made snow ice cream. After a while, though, the cabin fever set in. On that particular day we decided to get out of the house and made our way over to the park in our neighborhood. It was so fun! We found hills to slide on and lots and lots more snow that had yet to be touched. It was great fun! Of course I had my camera along with me to capture our adventure.

To carry out the "winter blues" theme for this week I chose this diagonally striped patterned paper from the Sweet Charlotte Classic Kit to go on my base. I added droplets of aqua, navy and white mist. I painted the wooden frame and cork letters with acrylic paint. I also used a marker to change the pink alpha stickers to a turquoise blue. The pompom trim added a fun element to the page. 

There were lots of fun blue accents in the kit. I chose some tags, stickers, this little blue wooden button, a brad and some rub-ons to add more details to the layout. I also added some little star sequins to the background. 

What do you do to beat the winter blues? 

We'd sure love to hear about it! 

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Donna said...

great layout. glad you enjoyed the white stuff..........we had lots of the 12" storms in New England last year but so far this year, nothing and I am fine with that!