Sunday, March 8, 2009

Goofy and Father and Son

Both of these were done entirely with the Nightingale kit, which is still available in the store, but it is getting limited. If you like the look of all the projects the team has been cranking out, I would suggest heading over to the shop and grabbing one before they're gone! :)
The first one is the current Pencilines sketch, and the 2nd is the IB sketch #11! I enjoyed both of these so much! TFL!!


Jana Eubank said...

I adore that Goofy page! Totally makes me smile! How did you make the mottled background? Is that Maya Spray? Cool!!!

Noel said...

that is the flip side of one of the SEI papers. :)

Alecia Castro said...

Wonderful work Noel, love your fun pages!!!