Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Springtime Calendar

Goodness gracious! It's taken me all day to finally get this posted. For some reason, just because we are having lots of rain here, it has knocked our cable internet out. It's been driving me crazy to be without my internet connection! AND we are getting even more rain over the next few days, so who knows what my internet will be like... *sigh*...

Anyways, onto my goodie for this week!

I have this wonderful Real Simple calendar from Target- you fill in your own dates and such every month. It's very plain jane and customizable, just the way I like it.

I decided to jazz it up with some of the Lovely Day kit, by making a "background" to hang the calendar on. (I only added on my own Thickers from my stash.)

Using a large piece of chipboard (the kind that comes in a paper pack), I decorated the edges with strips of paper and embellishments. I can then hang my calendar on it. I love that every few months, I can easily change up the way my calendar looks with this same process.


Jana Eubank said...

Cute project! I love the pink letters against the black stamped background.

Greta Adams said...

so cute ...those customizable ones are the best aren't they