Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maximizing chipboard

Have you ever mentally decided how many letters of each chipboard you needed for a title and then realize once you started sticking that you would not have enough? too.. grrrr!!!! It just happened to me.

Here is a quick tip I saw a while back to solve that problem

Peel apart some layers of the chipboard to make them thinner and VOILA!

You could paint, mist, or ink them..even run them through your cuttlebug for texture...whatever floats your boat.

So next time you are in a bind remember this quick fix or heck even if you aren't in a bind that is a sure way to make your chipboard letters or shapes last longer.

Here is a page I did using the Sold Out Sonoma County Kit.

and one I did using the Playdate Kit (Sold Out)

This was Mason's 1st day of he is goin in the 3rd grade...eeekkk... I'm trying to catch up :)

Last but not least if ya'll are still hanging with me... I saw a tutorial a long time ago on a purse made from a book and for whatever reason i remembered it. I cut out the pages of a Sue Grafton Book that I had double copies of and made this little purse for Melana...she thinks she is hot stuff now :)

After I took these pics I realized a few things needed fixing so I did that and also I know what not to do next time i make one. Which i am in the process of now because her little bff in the neighborhood wants one. We'll see if that one turns out a wee bit better in the inside...

Happy Sunday!! I wish i had some football to watch :(


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhh these are FAB FAB FAB Greta!! LOVE the lo's ....and that book purse is WOW!!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):) Ohhhhhhhh and sorry to hear about Bret...U and Linda must be sad :(

aussiescrapper said...

What a great idea about the letter dilemma I found I ran out of a couple of letters from last months dear lizzy letters and cut bits off some of them to improvise, it was easy and looked great too. Gee I am praying your dear friend Bret is going to be okay. Thinking of you. Melxx

Jana Eubank said...

Love what you did with the kits, Greta! And I LOVE your tip about chipboard letters . . . I have never heard that before! I can't wait to utilize it. Thanks!