Friday, October 1, 2010

Chic Front Door Halloween Decor


Some of you may remember my post from the springtime when I altered a Dollar Tree sign for my front door with the Sonoma County kit. You can click here to see my step by step instructions on how to create this. It's really simple and fool-proof (hence why I can make it, hehe).

I bought two or three (ahem) of the same flower design sign because I thought I might want to make more of them. I'm glad I hoarded- er I mean- planned ahead, because I love the non-Halloween background of a flower sign for a chic twist on a spooky sign. I used the new Sleepy Hollow kit to decorate it!


To glue on this icky, fuzzy spider, I used some of Helmar's Liquid Craft Glue. I really dig the stuff- it's great for these types of embellishments that you aren't sure on what will hold it on. It is super strong and dries fast.


(p.s. That spider gives me the heebie jeebies because I'm super scared of the crawly creatures. However... it IS a perfect touch to my Halloween sign!)


Michelle Whitlow said...

Just love this!!

lisa westphal said...

I love this too!!!! :) Great project. :)