Friday, October 22, 2010

Add a little texture... "Old Baker's Pumpkin Patch"

When I was first developing my scrapbook style (and even now), one of the questions I would ask myself when creating a layout is, "What can I add?"

Sometimes it's as simple as adding another layer of something... texture or paint or whatnot. I try to constantly ask myself qusetions as I create and keep an eye on how it's best reflecting my style and my ultimate idea for the layout.

For this layout, once I was finished, it needed a little texture, so I added some strips of corrugated cardboard here and there, and distressed the edges of the layout. It may be subtle, but I think it adds a big punch. (Created with the Sleepy Hollow kit, with a tiny bit of paper from Sweet Sue snuck in!)

The next time you're creating a layout,
think about asking yourself
what can you add to give it that final touch!

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