Friday, February 11, 2011

I have ribbon coming out of my......

That's right, you heard me! Don't we all have this problem of what to do with all the masses of ribbon we compulsively buy? What? You don't buy ribbon compulsively? Well, then you're just a weirdo... ;)

After moving in to the "new" house, I realized that the rather daunting task ahead of me of setting up my new studio space (I know, wah wah wah for me, poor girl with her own room) and was overcome with too many possibilities. One of my least favorite tasks was to figure out a way to store all of my ribbon and what I've discovered is that there really isn't a sure-fire super duper way to do this. We all go after what we want a little differently - some think of color, some think of shape, some think of texture. I personally think of color first, but then there's the crisis of spool or no spool. Do you take all the ribbon off of the spool so that all of your ribbon is hanging or do you try to wind up all your hanging ribbon so that everything has its own spool? OR do you get over the fact that it's JUST RIBBON and shove it in a jar?

I was leaning towards the jar, I must admit. But then I realized that my Making Memories wall unit was a perfect solution! I can store spools in the little cubbies and on the dowels on the bottom two shelves, and then with a little elbow grease, I can hang all of my loose ribbons from eye hooks under the unit. I just safety pin like ribbon lengths together, and hook them onto a book ring.

So that's my solution to this particular world crisis. What's yours? Any super handy ideas?

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