Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Source of Inspiration

Hi Everyone!!! I am going to be sharing with you the newest place I go to for inspiration. This place is amazing, and is never ending with gorgeous images and ideas! It is called Pinterest! If you have heard of it-awesome! If you have not, pm me your email on the message boards and I will send you an invite! It is amazing!

I did not realize though that I would be getting so much more from this site than just inspiration. This tool allows me to pin the things that I really like, that really speak to me, and gives me a glimpse into who I am and what I love. Looking at my boards I am able to see exactly what styles and colors and textures I really love! It really is an amazingly helpful tool! On top of that the site is full of ideas and colors that have my mind spinning with projects I am now wanting to do! :D You really must check it out! Here are a few things below that are my favs from the site so far (I included below each photo a link to the original pin and the source where given)....

original pin

Well what do you all think?!! I love this site! In case you want to follow my pins my username is 09122007. And I would love to follow you all too!! It is seriously an addicting site!
Hope you all enjoyed!
Take care!

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TeenaBugg38 said...

I have been trying to get in but they ahve a waiting list?????? AREGHHHHHHHHH!!! I wanna pin stuff too!!!! LOL