Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Organizing your stash!

Hi Everyone!! So today I am going to talk with you about organizing your scrapbook stash! This post has been a couple weeks in the making but just has not made it up on the blog yet. :P I few weeks ago a thread was started on the boards about our scrap spaces and how we organize all our stuff. I wanted to do a post about this as I am always interested in knowing how people organize their scrap stuff. Always keeping an eye out for new and clever ideas! :D
Now my room is nothing like I want it to be right now, as it just had to go on the back burner til the wee baby was born. And I will be the first to admit that I do NOT have this fancy smancy super organized and oh so pretty space to work with. I really want that! But it just isn't that right now. LOL! :P I have big plans for it, but they are very far down the road yet! :D
In this thread on the boards I mention how I will share some pics of my space (just small ones as everything else other than these bins are just in piles waiting to be organized!), but please don't judge as I use what I have on-hand to organize with, and let's face it-it looks pretty P-Dub! Laugh!! But hey, it works! :D Oh and I will also apologize for the bad pics-lighting in my room isn't so good. :P So here we go:
This first pic is of two tall standing bins that are in the closet. Each drawer is something different. I have an alpha drawer (thickers not included. :D), an anything adhesive backed drawer (that's not alphas), a glitter drawer (poorly neglected!), a stamps drawer, a metals and brads drawer, a florals drawer (not including Prima) get the idea. They are not very nicely organized within these drawers but they are all in one place and easy to pull out and put back after I have gone through the bin. :D
This picture is of my paper storage. I tried to explain my process of storing paper in the thread I mentioned, but it is kind of one of those things you just need to see. And like I said it isn't attractive at all but it holds the papers nicely and reuses the boxes which makes me feel good. :D I sort my papers by manufacturer, and then by collection. I have three shelves of this. :P Hoard paper much? Yeah I think I do.

These next two pictures are of my die-cuts/tags drawer and of my chipboards drawer. Somewhat organized. :P All my loose die-cuts (the ones no longer in packages because I for some reason threw those out!) are stored in baggies that I have labeled according to what they are. And there are faaaar too many of these! I really need to start working on my stash. And the chipboard drawer is pretty straight forward. Chipboard albums on the left side, and then all my packaged chip stacked on their sides so I can easily flip through it all. A little bin in there for loose chipboard pieces, seperated into blank chipboard and printed.

And here is a little pic that Jed took for fun. (Yes he went in my room and took all my pics for me! He's so sweet!) I love little boxes for putting things in, and these are just two of the millions I have. The metal bin actually holds 8x8 sized LOs (soooooo bad I know!!! I need to get those in albums!), and the little green one holds some of my loose Cosmo Cricket stuff for now. I have all my ribbons, Prima flowers, vintage and book paper clippings, and tons of other collections of things in such bins/boxes in my shelves.

That was a teeny fraction of my room, as there are four bookcases in my room that are full of stuff! Admittedly one of them is filled with books (I love books!), but still it has craft stuff on the top of it! :P Now that the bitty is born (and once I have rested the amout I am supposed to) I hope to start working in there very soon again and get it all finished!!
One of my favorite scrappers Christine Middlecamp did a post recently about her space!! And when I saw it I automatically said "I have to have that for my room!!!" But alas, she has a very different set up than me, although I hope to have at least a few things as organized as she does! Certainly check out her post as it is very inspiring!! Totally made me want to get all my stuff organized! :D
One last thing before I go, I wanted to remind you all that the Valentine's Day Crop is coming up real soon!! It starts on the 7th, so make sure you sign onto the boards that day and check out the schedule of how things will be happening! It is going to be TONS of fun!! I am prepping my project today, and can't wait to share!! :D Hope to see you there!

Take care!!


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