Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday To.....My House!

First, lemme just say how honored and beyond stoked I am to be typing this post today :)
I've been a fan of Noel's kits since the very first one.

Okay, on to the fun stuff.

This Saturday is the 5th birthday of the house we built here in Mississippi and made a home.  I'm having a lil dinner get-together with a few great friends and knew that I wanted to celebrate our home and make the dinner extra special.

To do just that, I decided that the I would break out the "Hudson Valley Kit" from this past November.  This kit is absolutely perfect for the task at hand, because I knew that I wanted to use mostly various shades of brown and white as my colors for decorating the table.

First, I broke out my Silhouette and made cute lil pockets (library card pockets actually) to hold utensils and to make the house.  The twine was a perfect finishing little touch.  The chalkboard clips are actually from Michael's in the dollar bin.

Napkin rings are a must and I love that chair paper so much I thought that they would be perfect as the ring's focal point.

The tag pp made the perfect food place cards.  After cutting the tags out individually, I found that folding them in half before typing on them helped with placement. 

And now my favorite piece.  The cake topper.  There just might be a three layer cake with buttercream frosting that this bad boy is going to sit on.  :)

I cut out the house with a piece of the woodgrain pp in the kit with my Silhouette.  I then mounted the house on a wood square that is covered in parchment paper to go in the middle of the cake.  The banner then will be placed into the cake on the sides of the house kind of like you see here.

Close up of the house.  The numbers are part of our address.

Silhouette was used again for making the doilies.  The buttons in this kit were absolutely perfect as the final touches on the banner.  The paper with the grey button?  That's the strip that runs at the bottom of pp that you normally throw away. I so love how companies now are doing something with that.  The polka dot tape is actually some washi tape from my stash.

Well, I hope you enjoyed with I created with the "Hudson Valley Kit".  And while it's sad that the kit is sold out, if you were lucky enough to snag one, I hope this inspires you to break it out and create with it.



Julie Bonner said...

So many adorable ideas!!! Love them all :)

Virginia said...

This is INCREDIBLE Elizabeth! I love it all! And Happy Birthday to your home! ;)

sjb926 said...

fantastic! that cake banner and topper is my favorite... wish i could be there to celebrate your house's birthday with you e!


Shelley Haganman said...

What amazing projects! What fun!

skippee said...

I love every little detail! Wow~ I'm soo impressed by you. Love that chair paper and the cake topper is one of the most creative ones I've seen. It must've been such a fabulous party! =)