Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thursday Y'all!!

Today's project I'm going to show how I used the Tim Holtz Distress Stain that came in the Willow Creek Kit.

First, I started with this paintchip book I picked up at Lowes.  It is absolutely perfect to use with the Willow Creek Kit and I was smitten with it the instant I saw it.

You can kinda tell by the button I placed next to it how small the book is.  It literally fits into the palm of my hand.

You'll see in the pictures that I'm about to bombard you with show you, that I left some of the fall pictures that came with the book blank, added tags to create more pages with some washi tape from both the kit and my stash, created negative stencils with the stain, used the stain with stencils  I created with my Silhouette, to distress edges (the vintage sewing pattern fringe on the cover), used all lil bits and pieces of the kit to embellish the pages, and you'll also see that some of the pages aren't finished yet.

Oh....and one of the important parts of this mini....the subject matter.

Well, if you are a regular over at the Noel Mignon Message Boards, you already know that there is a "Thankful" post happening.  The members are posting every day what they are really thankful for at that moment.  I'm taking all of the posts that I've made thus far and the ones that I will continue posting in the future for the theme of this book.


Now run to Lowes to snag one of these books before they are all gone :)  I'm secretly hoping that they come out with a winter themed one!

See ya next week :)



Anonymous said...

this is fantastic!
wish we had a lowes nearby :(

Diane Payne said...

Great idea...this is fabulous!

Virginia said...

This is SERIOUSLY amazing, E! I love how it turned out!