Friday, March 21, 2014

The Pace's Game

Hi, there! It's Jana Eubank. This week we have been showing you our projects featuring non-scrappy items. I decided that for my non-scrappy item on this page, I would include a bit of memorabilia.

In my hometown, there is a restaurant called Pace's. It is a local hamburger joint and has been around for a long time, so it has a bit of history in our family ... in fact, my mom used to work there in high school! While you are waiting for your food, they give you a number that they have written on a cardboard circle (my mom tells me these little circles are part of the packaging that the cups come in). When your order is ready, they will call your number. Well, we have developed a little family tradition of playing table hockey with these circle numbers. I saved a number from the last time we went to the restaurant, and thought that this scrappy challenge would be the perfect opportunity to record this memory. Here is the resulting page.


Most everything here is from the March Wishing Well Kit. I love that yellow "Foodie" arrow sticker (goes perfectly with the restaurant memory), and the shimmer of the gold chipboard hearts. I added a strip of polka dot paper from my stash to separate the top portion of the page from the bottom, and added a couple of white photo corner to the top corners.

Do you have a favorite hometown hamburger joint that deserves a spot in your family scrapbooks? Why not take a trip there this weekend and snap a few photos?

Have a great weekend!

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