Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Trip Traveler's Notebook

Hi all, Michelle here! Last month I shared some of the prep for my traveler's notebook from our trip to Michigan. I've finished pulling it all together and I love how the High Five and Dive In kits worked together in this traveler's notebook. 
I first started pulling together some of the ephemera I picked up on my trip that I wanted to include in the notebook. 
As I shared in my last post, I took the traveler's notebook apart because my intention was to attach 2 pages together in the notebook to make to pages a bit stronger. 
And then I set to pulling this notebook all together. I went day by day, adding a photo (or couple of photos) printed with my Instax printer and just a few lines of journaling. The embellishing (of course) is the best part!

I always save maps from trips to use in my scrapbooking! I used a couple of the maps I collected on my trip for this TN.

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