Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh Hello Flashback!

today I'm flashing back. Back to 1999.
this photo - I've held on to this photo for a long time.
I haven't ever scrapped it, just held on to it. No reason really... just because.
It isn't a perfect picture by any means. BUT it is to me.

it's perfect because that little face belongs to my now 22 year old daughter.
She was 8 years old here. It's a COLD spring day and we are at all day
soccer games for her and her brother. She was SO cold. She just wanted
to snuggle with her daddy, under a big quilt. For some reason...
I loved her little pink nose & decided to snap that shot.
Anyways - this photo is a flashback. Back to when my baby girl was
still what she would let me call her - my baby girl! No matter what, she will
always be that, no if's and or buts about it! My Savannah...isn't she darling?

 I used the Melrose kit. I LOVE this kit! LOVE it. Did I say LOVE?
My layout is based on Julie's sketch. I changed things up a bit, but it's mainly
the sketch, with a few added things.


I hope you've enjoyed today's inspiration.
and for going back with me - :D

Have a great day!

p.s. did you see the blog yesterday? Did you see this?

(Click there!) Perfect, right? I'll say!

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