Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beginnings of a Summer Album with Daily Diary

I've been doing pretty good at maintaining my 2015 Project Life album but summers around here are always special. I feel this summer holds so much extra weight and fervor with the anticipation of so much change. We are moving to a new house. My daughter is starting Kindergarten. I start a new job. It seems like this particular portion of our lives will be the time capsule we look back on to how things were before. That fact alone warrants an album unto itself, I believe. So I've been working on a 6x8 mini album in PL style and the Pool Party Daily Diary kit has helped me get it started.

So this summer has actually not been the greatest so far. We've suffered a lot of setbacks and disappointments but it illuminates our resilience that we are still trying to make it the best summer it can be. It's too hot outside and it's too hot inside with a broken A/C so we are trying to keep the kids busy. I want to remember these little moments of free play and self-expression.

I have any addiction to all-square pocket protectors. I could do my entire albums in square pockets if it weren't for all the photos that need a fuller canvas. I trimmed down some of the 6x6 papers that came in the kit as well as some 3x4 cards to come up with the 2x2 squares. I picked some photos that best illustrate what these days are like for us.

I wanted to use the pocket that came with the kit so I included some journaling strips. I will use my Fuse to slice an opening in the page protector to enable the reader to pull out the strips. I also used a chipboard frame and a cardstock die cut along with a picture and a 3x4 card to fill the other pocket. I put a word art brush on my photo before printing and then used the smaller alphas from the 12x12 alpha sheet in the kit.

I'm sure you'll be seeing more pages in this format as I attempt to keep up two simultaneous albums. Have you followed NoelMignon on Pinterest? It's one of the many ways you can keep up with what people are making with their kits. And don't forget to link us up to show us what you're making!

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Lynn K said...

Adorable pages! Love that you're doing a 6x8 mini for the summer!!