Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love Letters: Daily Diary Heart of Gold 'A Tutorial'

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to take a different spin on my post this week.
I thought I would show one off one of my favourite tools to use with  you all, considering this week is all about "love letters". 
It was the perfect fit for the story I wanted to tell.

I love how each Daily Diary kit comes with at least 1 12x12 sheet.  It is awesome to have the option to use this in it's entirety, or cut up since most of them can be trimmed on their one side into adorable pocket cards.

So this week, because it is all about "love letters" I wanted to use this double sided paper from this kit and transform it into a super cute envelope to place inside my planner using my favourite tool...the We R Memory Keeper Envelope Punch Board!

This board is SO easy to use...and makes SO many different sizes of envelopes. How awesome right?!? It is the perfect way to create extra storage for your projects or a great way to create super cute envelopes from our overflowing paper stashes...I know we all have em! ;) let's get down to how this little beauty works.
When you purchase your board it comes with a full sheet of easy step by step well as photo directions so you cannot go wrong!
I will give you a basic low down...and if you are still unsure, you can always check out amazing video demos on you tube showing this fabulous tool in action.

So, to begin. 
Decide on what size of envelope you are wishing to create by reviewing all of the possible sizes listed on the board.  When you choose your size, it will also tell you what dimensions your paper needs to be in order to create that envelope.

So next step, trim your 12x12 sheet of paper down according to the size you require.

Next, when you chose your desired size of also stated not only the paper dimensions in correspondence with that, but it also showed the designated "score line".
This is important because the edge of your paper will always have to line up with that number when you are scoring and punching to create your score lines.

So here you can see I am aligning my paper along the designated score line.

Once I have it lined up, I can go ahead and push this blue knob down.  It will punch my paper to begin creating the envelope template.

Then, once I am done punching...take the scoring tool and starting at the scoring edge, create a score line down your paper.

You will repeat these steps 4 times to achieve the envelope template as seen below.
You can see where the "punch" actually creates the little notches that will form our envelope and allow our score lines to fold.

Next apply adhesive to the two side flaps.

Fold up the bottom portion and secure in place.

Fold over the top half and voila!

You have a gorgeous custom DIY envelope ready to go!
So cute, right?!?

Now, to create my letter.
I simply typed it up in a word processor and then printed it onto the back of one of the 4x6 gold foiled cards from the kit.
I added a decorate edge onto the top from one of the 6x6 papers from the kit for a little extra!

I then slipped it inside of my envelope.

Added some holes to my envelope and included it in my planner this month.

I love how cute this paper is....and in envelope form?!? Even better!

Now I will always have my love letter safely tucked away and will carry it with me for the remainder of 2016.  I love having this envelope on board in that I can add even more notes inside or additional photos if I want.

The envelope punch board is such a great tool and I loved incorporating it with this months kit!
See you all next week. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


Donna said...

aw......that's so cool

Priyanka said...

Where can I get this?