Friday, October 27, 2017

Quiet Time: Apple Crisp Classic Kit

Hi!  Sarah here with this week's layout and challenge.  This week we are using Pinterest for inspiration.  We each made a Pinterest board and used it as inspiration for a layout.  Here is a screenshot of my board.

My board and my layout have an Outlander theme...because Outlander...  

Ok, technically it's about what I like to do for my down time, but we all know it's really about sneaking Jamie Fraser into my scrapbooks.  I like to get my girls in bed and get my house settled and quiet.  Then I make myself a mug of hot tea, light a candle and turn on a fantastic TV show that I love.  In this case, it's Outlander.  I pinned some greens and browns in my board so I used the papers to play off of that. 

I also pinned some mason jars and the paper with the mason jars and flowers were perfect to tie that in.  I used a few die cuts to kind of make a collage type of design around my title.

I also pinned some cork items to my board and had some cork in my stash that I wanted to use.  It was great to use it up and add some good fall-themed texture.

I loved using this month's kit and it has helped me get into the fall spirit!

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Meridy said...

I love how your much inspiration you pulled in from your Pinterest board. :)