Monday, February 9, 2015

Love is in the Air!!

Last week I managed to get my house Valentine-ified, or at least as much as I think my husband can take before barfing. I used the Love Life Daily Diary kit and the Hey Girl Classic kit to help me get some cutiepie decor pieces made up from scratch, and I love how it all turned out!
The first project I tackled was the vintage window little banners.

I used the heart confetti in the Love Life Daily Diary kit to make a few of tiny heart garland pieces.

The "Love our Family" banner pieces are made with paper and Thickers from the Hey Girl kit and the burlap stickers from a past kit, too.

After I finished the window, I tackled the wreathe board. I made this wreathe for Fall, and it looked Christmas-ie enough to last through January, (HA! Like how I justified that?) and now I have one more to add to my collection of seasonal wreathes I have such grand plans of making. I'm hating this wall in my living room, by the way. The hubbs is supposed to build some awesome built-in cabinets and shelving there, and so I have hesitated to do any permanent decorating, lest he think he can keep putting off the building. But the in-between decor situation is just so blah. That's just one big ol blank wall. Ew.

I grabbed a pink ribbon from my stash, tied a bow and tucked in that adorable tag. Then I used some of the 6x6 paper from the kit to make the rosettes and leaves, and glitzed them up a little bit with the gold Zazz I now use on everything.

It is at this point that I must confess to something. I am a serious cutter. For real. I hoard scrap paper to the point of insanity, and then have mass Cameo heart-cutting sessions, just in case I someday need 8,000 paper hearts. Which let's just be honest, you will. Like today. Today you need them. And a sewing machine. 

This is where the millions of paper scrap shapes I have made live. In where all the other "project-starting" schtuff lives. It's probably the most rejected part of my studio. It's where all the stuff that I want to do but don't have to do goes to die...You know how it is.

But look how yummy these drawers of over-eager paper shapes are! There's enough in there to make about a thousand kitchen window garland pieces. And I love it.

I made several pieces of garland and cut two pieces of tiny pompom trim to hang over the sink. It just makes me happy. And Reed is mesmerized. And THAT makes it all worthwhile.

So go tackle some lovey dovey projects! You've still got a few days left! And while you're at it, be sure to hop over to the shop if you haven't already, and get your Love Life kits!

Have a great week!

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