Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Beginnings

Hi everyone ! It's my turn to share some pics of my scrap space and how I have organized things so far.

Well, I am afraid to say this but I am just now getting around to putting my room together. We have been in our new home over a year now but only recently have I had to opportunity to start the fun process of making it my space.

Walls were white until this past weekend when I finished up painting my scrap room. Above is a look at my half bare room from the hallway. I love where my room is situated in our room. It is right off the kitchen and family room combo. So I can easily pop in and out and keep an eye on the kids.

I have lots of plans for my room, including two new corner desk, a new chair, and one more of those ikea cubes. Stuff to hang on the walls, curtains, ect. I can't wait to get started !! Also thinking about how I can store my printers better.

This is where I store most of the supplies that I use on a daily basis. I love it and can't wait to get another one for my room and also organize my supplies more. I am slowly getting around to it.

Moving onto organization now.

I like to keep all my letters together in this basket I found at the dollar store a while back. It makes it so easy to flip through them and pull the ones out that I want.

As far as my little packages of the smaller letters I keep them in a drawer. I have lots of those plastic drawer systems from Target or Walmart. I love them.

Other drawers hold enamel dots in one, stamps in another, washi tape, ect. I like to have all of the same things together in one drawer so that I know where they are.

I have just started to organize my smaller embellishments in one of these clear containers.

I have been storing my misc. pocket page protectors in a 12x12 album. It makes it very easy to keep them all together and to simply pull one out when I need them.

When I am working with the monthly Daily Diary kits I have a few things I like to do to keep myself organized.

The first thing is that I like to keep all the small goodies in a container. I found these at Target just recently. I find that they are easier to look through and they don't get lost sitting out on the table.

I also keep all my misc. cards in a container as well.

I have found that I love to keep all my themed products together. For instance, holidays, summer, winter, ect.

Each one has a drawer ( these are 12x12 drawers found at target) This one is my Valentine's Day drawer.  I keep everything from paper, embellishments, ect. all in the same drawer for easy access.

That is all I have to share with you today. I hope I have inspired some of you to organize your supplies so that way you can use them more efficiently.  Happy scrappin' everyone !!

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Becky said...

What a great space!