Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Non-Travel Themed with Pack Your Bags

Good afternoon! Today's post has been a labor of love. Have you ever had one of those projects where everything that could go wrong does? Yeah, that happened to me with this spread. I left it sitting out at my table and my two year old got to it and scribbled on it a little, so I had to make some modifications. And then I ran out of adhesive. And then I couldn't find my paper trimmer. To top it all off? My power went out. Yup.  Sigh. Anyhow, it is done and I love it.

Obviously, the Pack Your Bags Daily Diary kit is travel-themed. I love that it is because I recently did some day trips with a friend of mine who was visiting from Wisconsin, but all in all, we do not travel much. So this week I wanted to challenge myself to use the kit for a non-travel themed page. Now this would be pretty easy if I stayed away from all the travel cards because there are plenty that don't have anything specifically to do with traveling. But to make it a true challenge, I used the travel-themed cards and embellishments but applied them to a normal week at home.

 This was actually an eventful week and covered the celebration of our 7th wedding anniversary, my daughter's fifth birthday party, and Easter. I plan on doing a separate insert for Easter but wanted to include a few of the photos in this spread as well.

 I used the "places to see" card to document our night on the town when celebrating our anniversary. I used the "Oh darling let's be adventurers" to talk about my brave little five year old overcoming her fear of ice skating.

The "Not all who wander" card worked perfectly for my kids exploring the park. After using my typewriter for almost a year, I think I am FINALLY getting the hang of it. I outlined the wood veneer feather in pencil and then used it as a template for where to type. Then I placed the feather and erased the pencil.

If you haven't been able to tell, I've been addicted to gold lately and this spread could not be complete without a touch of gold. I used this lace tape set from my stash to add little gold touches and to unify the spread. I love the extra texture it adds.

I challenge you to use your kit in unexpected ways and not just for those travel pages. Don't forget to join the Facebook group and share with us what you are making. And time is running out for you to secure your subscriptions for the next term, so hurry up and sign up here.

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