Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exploring Denver

Last Summer I visited Denver, Colorado. My husband was there was for a training class and so I decided to go visit him over the weekend. At the time the kids and I were at my parents place. Do see my strategic planning here ? Ehhh !!

Seeing that I had a suitable babysitter I booked a flight on Thursday in June and flew to Denver for the weekend. We did lots of fun stuff, ate way too much, and enjoyed getting some alone time. 

I used the Pack Your Bags kit to document our weekend together. It was simply perfect for this trip. 

The colors came together perfectly, I stuck with the creme, blue, and blacks. I had a lot of journaling about my trip. Lots of stories, lots of fun details that I didn't want to forget. 

I chose to break up my photos with this 4x6 journaling card. I decided to cut some patterned paper on an angle and add it to the corner. This cute heart was cut from a journaling card from a previous kit. 

Another thing I did for this spread was to embrace my white space side !! It doesn't happen very often but it was sure fun to mix it up a little bit. You should try it. 

This photo is from the Colorado State Capitol Building. When I was looking up placed downtown that I wanted to visit this was one of the spots. 

I added some journaling before I printed my photo and then added a few letter stickers. This is one the fun techniques that I love to do. 

I know I have talked about this before but I love to cut up papers to make personal journaling cards. This first card is a perfect example. 

This FLY card was one of my favorites of the kits. I added a plane sticker and a strip of patterned paper to add a little bit of embellishment. 

Here is a look at the second page. I added a bigger photo of us driving into the city on Friday. It was certainly a fun moment, knowing that we were kid free and about go explore a brand new city. 

It just so happened that we found ourselves downtown and at the convention city during the weekend that Comic Con was going on. If you don't know my husband is kind of geek/nerd ( but I love him so !! ). He has gotten me watching Dr. Who and learning about Star Wars. So of course we were going to go check it out because we had never been before. 

I had so much to say about Comic Con that I made another 4x6 journaling card. There I go again embracing my white space side. 

Don't you just love that little arrow !! I wish a few more, but seriously. I cut it out of a journaling card and added it to my white card. 

As I was getting ready to do this spread I realized that I had lot of iphone photos. So I found my trusty page protector with lots of pockets. I wanted to highlight some of the fun things we did and saw from our trip. I added them to this journaling card. 

My first Sushi experience. And a fun photo from Comic Con. If your a Dr. Who fan you will know what this photo is about. Watch out !! Don't you know you can't blink let alone turn around. 

Before we discovered that Comic Con was going on we were heading to see the famous Big Blue Bear in this photo. He is looking into the convention center. After seeing the bear we discovered that Comic Con was going on in the same building. 

I cut out the adventure banner and added it to the middle of this card to journal about seeing the blue bear. I attached it with the geotag paper clip for a fun look. 

Have you scrapped any fun travel photos with your kit yet ? Or maybe some regular life stuff. Either way I sure had a great time making these pages with my Pack Your Bags Kit.  See you next time with more fun pages to share.

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