Friday, August 12, 2016

A house is not a home...without a dog

Hey guys, Michelle here with another pocket page using the Vintage Charm Daily Diary kit! I'm sure you've noticed by now the design team is working with the 'home' theme this week. So I decided to do a page about our 3 pups :) 
You'll notice I used the 'home' theme a couple ways...both with my title and with the 4x6 card at the top right.

I love pocket pages because they are so versatile. You can use them for traditional weekly pages like Danielle does or you can do random, more nontraditional pages like mine!
I don't do too many pages about my dogs so I thought it'd be fun to just take a couple of my favorite pics and also include a 3x4 card with some of silly nicknames we have for them...especially now since we added a 3rd pup to our crew just a couple months (the little guy, named Arlo). 

Yes, we love our pups :) 

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