Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fun times

Hey guys, Michelle here! This week the design team is adding some sewing or stitching on our layouts. I've been sewing on my layouts for years and I love the texture that it adds to my pages. 

So for this page I used the beautiful Weekend In Paris Classic Kit and added stitching to multiple places, including that adorable pink pom pom ribbon, around the inside frame on my page and also along the green floral page.
So here's a few tips when sewing on your page: 

1)Change your needle - I always use a separate needle for my paper crafting (sometimes your needle can get some adhesive on it from your page). Of course, if you don't do any traditional sewing with fabric you don't have to worry about that! 

2) Try not to use too much adhesive in the areas that you plan on stitching so that your needle doesn't get gummy 

3) use a bigger stitch length - I usually set mine to around 2.5. If the stitches are too close together they'll just create one big hole on your page and no one wants that! 

4) Go slow until you get the hang of it (but it's pretty easy...and fun!)

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