Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hey all, Michelle here! I know some of you probably have kids that have already started back to school but we still have a couple weeks left of summer vacation and we're milking it for all it's worth! I'm also spending a little bit of time documenting our fun memories while they're fresh in my mind.
I know most of you would probably look at the Weekend In Paris kit and think it's not 'summery' but that's what I love about Noel's kits, there is so much variety in each kit you're not limited to one particular theme. 

For this page I was drawn to those colored lanterns in the the background paper (at least they look like paper lanterns to me!) and loved how the pink patterned paper and doilies added a nice accent. 
I grabbed the blue alphas from the High Five Daily Diary kit and they matched perfectly with the 'fun' sticker and the mini alphas from the Weekend In Paris kit.

You'll also notice I don't have any journaling on this page, which I sometimes will do when it's an activity that we do every year. There's not much to document other than the photos of us being together and that's enough for me :) 

Side note on getting that action shot of my son coming out of the waterslide - I actually take video & then go back and take pictures from the video. Much easier than trying to take a picture at just the right second!

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