Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring is near..and i cannot wait

this was a postcard i received from my dear friend Rhi Rhi and i knew i had to scrap went perfectly with the new kit.

This is my dear friends baby (isn't she precious) i used the new kit as well because it also was perfect. I love hwen i have pictures that go with the means not alot of time searching and thinking about what to scrap. It felt good to scrap someone elses baby other than my own kids....sometimes you just need that change.

Totally loving the Nightingale kit!! With spring fastly approaching this kit is the perfect colors. If you want one i suggest you not wait to long. They are going at a rapid rate!

see you next week! It's Mardi Gras season so i am hitting the parades in New Orleans. Wish me Luck!!


Lynette said...

LOL! Who is the queen bitch?

Greta Adams said...

that would be me!! LOL