Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 49 with Wendy | Summer Lovin' Daily Details kit

Welcome back to the Noel Mignon blog!  Wendy here this morning to issue you a new challenge to help you finish up your kit before your new one arrives.  This week, your challenge is a Vacation Time challenge, pull out a few of those neglected vacation photos and make a point to get them scrapped.  Whose up for the challenge?

Our family hasn't actually been on a vacation in a LONG time, but part of the reason is we live in FL.  Some might think our daily life looks like vacation as we take daily trips to the pool, weekly trips to the beach, and a few visits to the mouse each month.  Course, everyday things happen to like work, school, errands, and a whole lot of heat!

To carry my theme over from last week I incorporated the pink ribbon and teal colors so that my weeks would go well together in my book.

And here is a picture of the complete spread, Week 48 & 49.

Even though it was made separately by tying in colors (teal and red) and elements (the bow, layered stickers, brads) the pages go very well together and tell our everyday story.

So if you are feeling challenged to scrap those Vacation moments (whether far away or close to home), share them on the Noel Mignon FB page, we'd love to see them!

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Jana Eubank said...

Loooove this! I love how bright and clean this is! And I so wish we had Wawa's here in Utah. I fell in love with them while traveling. Great layout, Wendy!