Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hand of God | Falloween Classic Kit

Good morning, Noel Mignon friends!  Wendy here today sharing a new page based on a daring challenge...  "Enter if you Dare" - your challenge, is to create an interactive element on your project.
I chose to document Hurricane Matthew, our first run in with a hurricane in FL, and how we were truly spared devastation!

I used the die-cut spider web to portray the fear that a hurricane can bring.  I split my web in half to then serve as the doors to open up and see the miracle.  The cute wood buttons served as my door knob.  

The web is only glued down on the straight edge so that the pictures underneath can be viewed.  And yes, I found this picture on FB as Hurricane Matthew was moving in and it was a skull, truly scary.

But, God!

Winds were supposed to hit our town at 130mph, instead the winds were 65mph with a few 80mph gusts, that was a true miracle which I am so thankful to my Heavenly father for!


Jana Eubank said...

This is awesome! Love how you used the web!

BrendaB said...

I love the way you made the door on your page! Thankful you were spared the worst of the hurricane!