Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Golden Birthday Mini Album

This year was my "Golden Birthday," a new concept to me that a friend told me about, just in time for mine!

(Basically, it's when you turn the same age as the number of the date of your b'day- that sounds confusing- but my b'day is on the 29th, and I turned 29. I've heard that some families do really big stuff for the golden birthdays in their family. Pretty cool.)

I loved all the golden yellow accents in the Homeroom Kit, so I knew I had to make a little mini album about my golden birthday using this kit.

To make the album, I cut pieces of the Hambly overlay in the kit into 4x6 sheets, and then folded 2" x 6" strips of the newsprint October Afternoon paper on one edge. Then I sewed all the newsprint edges together to bind it.

I did some reflective journaling in here, along with some snippets of my life "right now," including prices compared from the year I was born to now, who my friends are, and what music & tv shows I like. I think it'll be fun to look back on!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute and the different textures make if pop! I wonder if I can turn 4 again, lol!

Greta Adams said...

V this turned out fantastic and i like the added stitching you did in it as well...
my "golden" birthday was 15...too young to really live it up huh? LOL

Anonymous said...

How cool, I've never heard of a "golden birthday". It's too late for me since there are only about 30 days in a month. But it's not too late for my kids!

Great book, btw. Love all the details!

Jana Eubank said...

What a cool idea! I hadn't heard of a golden birthday, either. Too bad, I've already passed mine! LOL!