Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Sour Cream Containers

These sour cream containers are nothing new, I have seen them at Splitcoast and other people's blogs. But I figured, why reinvent the wheel? They are cute, functional, and easy to make! So if you have made these in the past, maybe this will inspire you to make them again! If you have never made them....give them a try!
I used Noel's Ghost Story kit to create these cute containers.

Roll paper from short end!

Wouldn't these be cute to give as party favors? Classroom teachers? Bus drivers?


Virginia said...

GEEZ those are cute! I love the tags. Adorable!

Hmm I need to check out the dollar store for one of those crimpers! Fun!

Greta Adams said...

are you kidding me...that's how easy they are too make....i never did it because i thought it was more to it than that....WOW....i am totally making some of these for mason's teacher and bus driver....

thanks michele

Noel said...

Oh I wish the days were 48 hours long so I had time to do these adorable projects!! This is amazing!

TraceyScraphoria said...

Fabulous Projetc. How cute are those!

Christamethys said... nice!! thanks for attaching all steps.