Saturday, June 5, 2010

Intro: Candice Reszko

Hello everyone!!! Let me start off by saying that I am truly
honored being on the Noel Mignon Design Team! If you have
not discovered already these ladies are extremely talented.
My name is Candice Reszko and was born and raised in Las Vegas
but now reside in Los Angeles. I currently am a stay-at-home mom
to three little lovelies. My goal in the near future is to go back
to school for graphic design/photography.
My passion for scrapbooking started about six years ago and I
know that this is a love affair that is going to last forever!!!

Who or what inspired you to start scrapbooking?
I remember stumbling upon Elsie Flannigan those
six years ago and was in total awe of her creative
flare. That is when I knew that this craft was
something I wanted to get to know and pursue.
Share with us any tips you have for recording memories until you get a chance to scrapbook them?
My tip is easy and simple! Start a blog! If I didn't have time
to scrapbook blogging would be my next best thing.
Even if you choose to go private or public with it the
memories and journaling will be there when you are
up and ready to scrap them!

What's the best piece of constructive criticism you have ever received regarding your artwork?
There is always room to grow and that I don't know
everything. I learned this the hard way believe it or
not in the sixth grade. I love to draw which is my first
love when it comes to art and I thought that I was the
best at it. I soon learned quite quickly that NO, I was
not. I learned at an early age that like all things art
is an everlasting growing process with wonderful
people to share and learn with. I learned that it is not
about being the best but is about inspiring and being
inspired along the way! Like Tim Holtz says,
"Enjoy the journey."
Thank you all for having me!!!

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Kathy Martin said...

FANTASTIC page! Great design and color! Fun details! :)