Friday, June 25, 2010

Multi Photo Layout

So it is no surprise that I love taking photos.  I take a lot and not all of them make it onto my scrapbook pages.  An easy way to make them all "fit" on your page is to use the contact sheet menu in photoshop.  You can add and delete rows to make your photos bigger or smaller.

For my whitespace layout I wanted to use the parade photos that I took on one of visits to Disneyland.  There is nothing better than Disney photos because they are always so bright and pretty. 
Alyson was in front of me for the parade and with the lense I had and the lack of room to move - I was very limited in the photos I could take of her watching the parade.

Since 2 of the shots I have of her were from behind I layered them with the other parade photos.
To balance the layout I added a photo I took of her that day to the top of the layout.  And to 'ground' it even more I added my journaling there. 

Hope this helps you in scrapping those multi-photo layouts.  Thanks for stopping in!


Britt said...

Adorable!! Love it love it love it! Great trimming on those lanterns, by the way!

Jana Eubank said...

Great tip with Photoshop! I can't wait to try that. This page is so cute!

AmyInKy said...

LOVE this layout! I've been printing out photo collages so I'll have smaller photos to work with lately. This is a great idea for a 1-pager!

Stacy said...

This is so cute! I love the little lanterns in the corner!