Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tool Play Time! (Quikutz Silhouette Machine)

When I first got the assignment for blogging about my favorite tool, I got a little bit nervous, because I am NOT much of a tool girl.

I often don't use my trimmer to cut paper... I just eyeball it and use the ol' scissors.

It took me nearly a year to decide if I wanted to buy a Crop-a-Dile.

I just bought an edge distresser not too long ago, instead of just using the edge of my scissors or a nail file.

Yeah. So. Not much of a tool girl, indeed.

On that note, I hope you can really see why I am totally convinced that the Quikutz Silhouette is an AWESOME tool to have! I love love love mine and am so glad I have it!

What got me to the point to actually get one? My Grams has one! She's had one for a few years and I loved trying hers out and quickly saw that it was something that I wanted- no NEEDED- to have.

The cool thing is, you can find them on ebay at pretty great prices. I found mine (the regular one, not the SD one) for a little over $100. When you compare what all it can do, and the price of punches (that's like 10 punches!)... well, it's a no-brainer to me!

I have only had mine for a few months, and I feel like the options are limitless with it.

Some of my favorite tips I've learned so far:

1. Use spray adhesive on the cutting mats (if you have the older ones- they are not as sticky). This is the kind I use:
It helps keep all those little bits stuck down when you are pulling off your design.

2. When you are placing your design, go ahead and click the copy & paste buttons at least once for patterned paper, and twice for textured cardstock. It's basically telling the machine to cut the design in the same place 2 or 3 times- and it makes sure you get a good clean cut!

3. Finally, organize your images as soon as you download them! Those little suckers seem to get out of hand quickly, so do it right away and categorize them in folders that will make them easy to find later.
*I've learned nearly all my tips from Nichol Magouirk. You should check out her blog for more tips!

Here's a layout I made with the new Sunkissed kit, using my Silhouette machine.

(Some of you who have seen my little videos may remember that I wanted to do an all cardstock layout... this one isn't quite an all cardstock one, but it is close enough!)

That giant scalloped circle (which I can cut in any size on my Silhouette) and the little eyelet border on the top- yep, cut on my machine!
Here's the larger version of the same eyelet border, on the bottom of the layout, next to my title... all cut with the machine.
I cut the title twice so I could pop up the word "button" and highlight it in a different color.

I have another layout to share, but this one is with my old fashioned punches. ;) It's for the latest challenge, Double Trouble.

Man, this one was so fun to make!
(Made with the Playdate Kit & Lemonade Stand Kit.)

Look, I stamped! Woohoo!

I used the chipboard letters in the kit, but I peeled off the pattern and then added Stickles on top. I love the look!


caroline hancock said...

great Layouts virginia. This machine looks great , but hubby would go daft lol after buying me a cricut lol, having a nightmare the now cos i moved scraprooms and i have no room for my cricut here yet so the poor thing is sitting unused for now :( but yea when you work out what you spend on punches there not that expensive, plus all the titles you can make

Mel said...

Just love these divine layouts, the pics are super cute too, really love that title made with the machine.

Janene said...

Thank you! I have a silhouette and love it. Always cut amazing until last week. I heard about the copying and pasting before but totally forgot until you just mentioned. I think this will do the trick for me just fine as last try it didn't go through all the way. Thank you for reminder! Problem solved. ANd yes - a great deal for the price

Jana Eubank said...

I had never heard the copy/paste idea before! Thank you!!!! You already know I love my silhouette, too! LOOOVE your pages!