Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intro: Meet Virginia

Hey y'all! I've been around here on the team at NoelMignon since June of 2008, and I can happily say this is my *home* on the web!

In my real life, I'm the happy wife to my red-bearded, marathon runnin', bookworm Shaun, and the sometimes-frazzled mama to Emerson, Atticus, Sabriel, and Ariana. My oldest is 5 and my youngest is 8 months... yep, we're THAT family. Hee! We live in a 90-something year old cottage in Leeds, Alabama. I love to read, decorate my home, and keep up with my kids. ;)

-- What is the first creative moment you remember?

I remember my mom & dad were always into creative things; my dad, primarily books, writing, and music; and my mom, admiring painting, making all sorts of crafts with us, and music. Everyone in my family (except me) plays an instrument. (I like to sing in the shower & car, that's about as much as the universe needs of my music!) I have scrapbooks from when I was a little kid FULL of drawings I made, and I remember many happy times listening to music, reading, and coloring. I feel like I grew up in a pretty safe environment to allow me to express myself creatively, whether it be through decorating my room, choosing how I wanted to dress, or in art experiments. I think that creativity is something that can definitely be developed and nurtured at home, and it's something that I pass onto my kids, too. It's made me fairly confident to try new things in scrapbooking and other art endeavors- my philosophy is that if it doesn't work, I can always try something else! :)

-- What's your favorite technique right now? What is your trademark?

My favorite technique right now is playing with mists and paints. I've been experimenting this week with masking, flicking paint to make those cool little speckles, and layering it. I know it's not super-original, but dang, it sure is fun! I think my trademark is shabby chic, with a bit of artsy/grungy thrown in from time to time.

-- Do you have a ritual, habit or routine that you must practice before you begin scrapbooking?

I can't scrap in a messy home (although, the laundry doesn't seem to bother me!), and I can't scrap with messy supplies. I alway reorganize my kits and stuff before starting a new project. I have to be able to SEE everything!

I thought I'd share what I do with all my leftover NM kit "little bits."

I keep them in one of those $2 bead organizers. I try to keep all my leftover kit papers together in one big bag ziploc bag, and then I can grab the bag & this little box if I want to go scrap! I don't usually scrap in our craft room- usually I end up in front of our computer, watching something on hulu & scrapping!

I'm so happy to be on the team for another season! :) You can check out my personal blog, here at blackflipflops designs.

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Katie Burnett said...

Yay Virge! Congrats on the Girl's Paperie team too! You are amazing.