Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do you like me?

Circle one...yes or no! Lol! Do you remember passing notes like that back in your middle school days? I'm pretty sure I didn't pass a note like that to the "cute boy" in this layout, but I received some of those before. Why did we think that having the answer indicated on a piece of paper and passed back to us would hurt any less if it wasn't a "yes" than if we asked the person face to face?

I've known my husband since the 6th grade. That's a long time! And you know what? I've liked him since the 6th grade too. This layout tells a fun little story about me all those years ago. I used Julie's February sketch for the design inspiration.

All supplies are from the Lasting Love kit, except the flair which is by {a flair for buttons}. The Lasting  Love kit is sold out but you can pick up the paper only kit along with some flair in the shop.

Have a great week everyone!


caz hancock said...

this is so amazing, i love every single detail

Michelle said...

This is really cute!!! :)