Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Journal Part 2

Hello friends! Today I am going to share a title page from my fall journal with you. Though I plan on filling this journal with lots of pictures and stories, I also want to break it up some with simple pages that just express a word of feeling that I have about my family, and this time of year. So I thought that starting the journal out this way would help me to add cohesion, and I can also use this as event or section markers.

For this page, I went back to last month and used the Tea For Two kit, I love that bits and pieces from all our Noel's kits can work together to make cohesive projects!

I worked around the printed image that is already on most of these pages in the Fancy Pants brag books, It helped me to find a good central point for my embellishing!

I am so excited to share this in progress journal with you! Hope it inspires you to pull out your kits and put them to good use!!

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