Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Silly McGilly

On St Patrick's Day, my daughter's Kindergarten class set out traps to try and catch Silly McGilly the Leprechaun. Well of course, he managed to give them the slip but not before he played some silly tricks! He knocked over some of the traps, left green footprints on others, and messed with the sight word cards (among other things!).
I pulled out my Delightful Daily Diary kit along with one of the patterned papers from the classic kit to pull this page together. You can see I used a couple of the 3x4 cards and although I could have easily made a pocket page I ended up opting for a more traditional layout instead.
I also photographed a couple of my daughter's papers from school so I could add those to the page. I've found over the years that with 3 kids this is one of the easiest (and least bulky) way to include their artwork & memorabilia in their scrapbooks. And in case you're wondering - yes, after I've taken photos I will usually throw away the artwork. Gasp!! I know, I know. But there's just no way I can keep it all. However, I do keep some of my favorites so not everything gets thrown out!
I love that it worked out that I happened to have '2' and '3' cork numbers in my kit since that is the exact number of tricks that Silly McGilly played on the class ;)

Side note: be careful when using adhesive with the cork embellishments. They have a tendency to rip easily! I had that happen with one of mine but managed to fix it :)

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