Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick Tip!

Do you have a Thicker addiction like I do? Do you stay up at night wondering how to store them? Have you been disappointed by all of your past solutions because they really don't solve anything? Well, dear friends, fear no more!!

Here is a solution given to me by an awesome friend back home! This is just a file box I found at Wal-Mart, but I'm pretty sure they are at Target, too. They had them in yellow, too, but good ol white just works best for me. Believe it or not, there are 72 packs of Thickers in there, and I'm pretty sure I could comfortably fit another 10 or 15.

This thing is awesome! I have seriously tried, like, 20 different ways of storing these bad boys, and now I am finally satisfied. I can take them all with me to crops so much easier this way and have big plans to decorate the bejesus out of the box!

Whose Thickers are they? MY THICKERS!!


aussiescrapper said...

Only 2 packets of thickers in this house believe it or not, but I think this idea rocks and am sending this post to some thicker addicted friends, I know the scenario of trying 20 different ways of sorting a specific item and know how exciting it is to find one that actually works, this rocks. Melxx

AmyInKy said...

OK...I am now home from Walmart with my very own box! Thanks for the suggestion...I'm off to reorganize.

Britt said...

Amy that's awesome! Have fun!

Nitasha said...

Finally...a solution that really works for us addicts! I currently store mine horizontally in bin and it worked for a while but, your vertical solution would be so much easier to flip through and see what I NEED more of or what I need to use!!! thanks so much!