Friday, July 23, 2010

Storage Tip(Card Storage)

Hi all!!! Another week has just flew by and what a week
it has been especially with CHA and all right!!! I so wish
that I could have gone to see all the gorgeousness in
person. Anyhow, on to todays storage tip!

When it comes to albums and placing my pages in them
I learned early on that it is not for me. I found myself
with all these albums either I won, was given as a gift,
or came in a kit. It is very hard for me to toss anything
and I am one of those persons again who think that
there is a use for EVERYTHING. LOL! So with that
being said I thought up a tiny idea of how to store my
cards in a photo album!

I like keeping all of my cards at about this size so this
album was perfect. My cards are constantly being
used so it is very hard for me to fill this up. It keeps
my cards safe, clean, and never have to wonder where
a specific card went. I pop this album open and they
are all there in one tidy place.

Thank you as always for letting me share!!!


Kathy Martin said...

Oh I'm soooooo glad I stopped by the blog today! I do use my scrapbooks for my pages, but I don't know what to do with my favorite cards...well, until now! ;) Thank you! :)

Jana Eubank said...

I soooo need to do this! GREAT idea!