Saturday, July 10, 2010

Storage Tips

Happy Weekend!  We will be celebrating my daughter's birthday this weekend so we will be having a good time.  Hope you will be doing something fun as well!

I have a couple storage tips that I use the help to keep me organized.  Nothing new - but it is what works for me.  I have a small but long (runs under the stairs) scrap space and so I need to try to use the space as best as I can.  I use the top shelf to store things like ribbon, sprays, mini books, etc.  Here is how I store my ribbon.

I have LOTS of ribbon. And a long time ago I started collecting these jars (from target) and now I have one for every color - I think there are a couple off to the left that you can't see.  I have an extra large jar for all of my pink ribbon.  I love this because I can easily see/grab what I want without having to go through a bag of ribbon (which is what I had years ago).  I have a few spools to the right that I keep that way - they are my satin ribbon that I love.

Another way I like to save some space is by putting many of the things I don't use all the time but may take up space.

I used to have all of these things on a shelf on display - well except for the the chipboard and the mini books.  But They just weren't getting used that much and I would rather have things that I use more frequently at reach.  So, I put them in these containers that I bought at Michael's/  All of my sprays/mists are in one container.  Chipboard pieces that are not minis are in the second container.  Then I have mini books that I buy and I KNOW I will use someday - they have a nice home in the third container.  And then,  all my lovely paint that I think my daughter uses more than I do is at the bottom.  I used some cute Creative Imginations label stickers to label them.

I know this isn't anything new, but it is what works for me.  And, I always like seeing what and how others organize their spaces, especially small spaces like mine.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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