Saturday, July 31, 2010

Movie Inspiration

It is time for some inspiration!!!
Often times I tend to be greatly inspired by the movies
that I see now. To name a few there's the recent
Alice In Wonderland, Series of Unfortunate Events,
Avatar, and the list would keep going. All these movies
have a deep since of art to their making which moves me
in a very creative way. Another particular movie that
is so delightful is this one here!
Just look at this poster!!! TONS of color and little bits
and pieces that make you want to play. I chose to pick
up the little bits of the Julys Sun-Kissed Kit and play
along. Here is what I came up with using some wonderful

There was a certain part in the movie where they opened
up a room in his store and it was full of bouncing balls!
There were balls of all sorts thus the idea to make a few
of my own.
If this post today inspires you go grab one of many movies
that inspire you visually and get creating!
On a side note if you haven't seen this movie GO GET IT!!!
LOL! I garantee you will enjoy!
As always thanks for letting me share this part of the day
with you!


Jana Eubank said...

I love this, Candice! All the details are marvelous! What a great place to look for inspiration!

Noel said...

Super-duper fun! I love the way you interpreted your inspo piece!